Social Distancing

Safety Concerns

Staying Together While Apart

In a changing world, our team keeps up with the current needs of our clients. We know that employee health and wellness are directly linked to productivity and happiness, and social distancing requirements help to keep workplaces healthy.

Here are a few popular products that may help adapt your workspace to prioritize the health and safety of your employees and those you serve.

  • Dividing Screens
  • Safety & Separation Panels
  • Treatment Spaces & Isolation Booths
  • Dining & Food Court Physical Distancing Kits
  • Stool & Bench Signs
  • Social Distancing Graphics Kits
  • Hand Sanitizer Solutions
  • Hot Water Mobile Stations

Most individuals surveyed mentioned “division of workspaces” as a top concern. These high glass dividers allow light to flow and collaboration to occur with a safe barrier between co-workers.

If you’re looking to create distanced spaces within your office or facility, we have many options. Screens, surface mounts, safety barriers and even school lunch table dividers are just a few of the unique products we can offer to help you implement an office or corporate layout that promotes social distancing. If you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to keep up with the latest social distancing requirements, give us a call. Our team will help you navigate any challenge!

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