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Still Working at Home?

Jun 30, 2020 | News & Updates

What Steps Have You Taken to Efficiently Work From Home?

Many business owners and their employees have been transitioning to working from home for a while now. Because you’re used to being able to relax more while at home, the adjustment of working from home may still be challenging. Here are a few tips that will make working remotely a little easier. 

Set a Schedule and Hold Yourself Accountable

When working from home it is important to set a schedule that may reflect your typical office job. Without dedicating time to your work duties, your dishes, laundry and favorite TV show may become your main priorities. To make sure you are remaining productive, you should set aside time to outline your tasks for the day. Figure out how much time should be spent on each task, then make sure to account for your chores and other things on your to-do list. Structure and holding yourself accountable is the key to success when working from home. 

Dedicate Your Space in Order to Minimize Distractions

Establishing a workspace can help tell your brain that you are in the place where you do work productively. It is easy to work from bed or your couch while working from home. Although this may be the comfier and preferred spot, creating an office-style setup is a key step in remaining productive at home. Having a desk set up similarly to your desk at work can improve your focus and productivity. This is also a great way to eliminate any distractions you may encounter in the living room or kitchen. 

Create a Home Office Space That Works For You

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Find Apps For Your Phone, Tablet or Computer to Help With 

Organization and Communication

There are many apps that can help you organize your tasks, easily interact and communicate with your co-workers, and remain efficient with your day-to-day work duties. 

Here are some apps that may help you and your co-workers remain productive while working at home: 

  • Basecamp
  • DropBox
  • Google Calendar 
  • Google Drive
  • Office Chat
  • Skype
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Yammer
  • Zoom

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